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Finally, we would like to remind you that all resources used throughout Online Anishinaabemowin is intellectual property of I.Toulouse & Kidwenan. We ask that you do not "PrintScreen" the slideshows for purpose of Reproduction/Resale. If you are interested in learning, we kindly ask that you make every effort to our Tuesday evening classes. Learning requires dedication and commitment. We look forward to seeing you in class on Tuesday..... MiiGwetch!

Wednesday 16 September 2015


Ahnii, Joni maaba. I just want to explain to participants on how this class operates.... First of all, there is no real structure like modules, sections, parts etc... don't feel bad for missing out on a class or coming in late. That's ok! Your not a paying student, nor as we paid nothing is mandatory! Heck, there just might be days when WE miss class too. Not that we ever did, I am just saying..... On that note, if there ever comes a time when Isadore cannot instruct we will put a call out to students who was interested in gaining some teaching experience.... there will be opportunity for participants to be teaching (if the need rises).

So a big thing about learning language, as Isadore REPETITION & REVIEW. So if you missed a class, no worries there will be a review in the next class.....

Over the next few weeks, I will create some screen casts on the BASICS of the vowel chart or something.... I will also be sharing links to other language resources. Another important message that Isadore emphasizes on is....don't get hung up on Dialect. Every community, every region has different ways of saying certain words....and thats ok. Just as long as you can understand what you are saying and know how to say it....the others will get what your trying to say. There is not a huge difference in the could be a difference between K/G or E/II. The word may look differently but the sound is similar. So don't worry about that....

Don't feel that this class is repetitive and always the same...cause in the long run...thats how your going to learn! Now, if there are some stuff we can help have suggestions for class lessons please share your comments in the >>>>>> Box on the Right Side.

I must stress though...we are not paid staff members, we are volunteers and dedicate our time to this 1 hour class + promotion pleassssse try not to ask for recordings of missed lectures or material.....cause we won't post it. If you are serious about learning the language please take the time to make to the free class.......You cannot expect alot from those who are volunteering their time the best they can...........

Now, if you have ideas on how we can generate funds to extend our subscription services to record classes....we'd be happy to consider some upgrades!!!!! once again, please share information in the comment box on the right side >>>>>>>>>>>>>

- JONI :)

Tuesday 15 September 2015


Your Instructor: 

Isadore Toulouse, is an Ojibwe/Odaawa Anishinaabe from the Wikwemikong Unceded First Nation Community located on the Manitoulin Island. He comes from a large family who are all making their livelihood in Wiky. Isadore is the father of one son named Nathan and a Mishoomis of 2 beautiful grandchildren names Alyssia and Tristan whom he loves dearly! Isadore is known for his work in the Anishinaabe language. He does immersion style workshops during his spare time and travels extensively to various places to learn about the dynamics about other languages such as New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, California and Florida. During the last 22 years he has been part of the faculty with the (N.L.I.P.) Native Language Instructors Program at Lake Head University where he teaches the pedagogy of the language to new and up and coming teachers. You will also find him behind his craft booth at various pow-wows throughout North America selling crafts made by himself and most of his family. As an educator for the last 30 years Isadore believes in sharing what he knows about the language. This is why he is offering this free Online Anishinaabemowin class so that everyone and anyone can partake in his lessons in the privacy of their own homes! On top of all this accomplishments,  he is also a published author, his book called “Kidwenan” is a language booklet with an accompanying CD on the Anishinaabemowin. 

Your IT Help:

Brita Brookes is from Detroit, Michigan and has been taking Ojibwe language class for about 5 years w/Margaret Noori, Isadore Toulouse & Maya Chacaby. Although not aboriginal in descent (Brita is Irish and Latvian first generation- she also speaks some Latvian and loves their regalia, crafts, cooking). She enjoys the language and has attended numerous language camps in Michigan and Canada. She has presented several times at A-teg conference, Manistee and Birch Island and has created a small Ojibwe Book collaboration entitled FOUR Colours Productions which is a non profit. Brita assists Isadore Toulouse and Joni Shawana with Online Anishinaabemowin as an unpaid volunteer. She has a Master's degree in architecture, A Bachelor degree in fine arts/architecture, and a new degree in graphic design and is currently working on a photography degree (Brita likes being in school, she says it keeps her young!). She works as a Media Production Assistant at the Society for College and University Planning in Ann Arbor, Michigan; a local architect in Key West, Florida; and also for numerous Music Photography outlets based in NYC and Detroit.  In addition, Brita is a full time caregiver for an elder/mom who is 84 and recovering from a stroke. Brita never had children due to her partner passing from a sudden heart attack, he was very sick. She now accepts that path from Creator and is enjoying the freedom in her life at age 46. She tries to live a healthy good life (no smoking, drugs) and gets lots exercise. She currently lives in both Michigan and Florida and is dating a very nice Buzgim.

Joni Shawana, is Ojibwe from Wikwemikong. She is the youngest daughter of Kenneth Toulouse & Joanna Shawana. Joni comes from two fairly large families from Wiky. Her extended families reside in Sault Ste Marie, Sudbury, North Bay, Michigan and Toronto. She has a passion to work with Aboriginal Youth which was her drive to graduate from George Brown College in 2000. Recently Joni has found a new passion for Communication, Event Planning & Promotions, which motivated her into Culture & Expression at York U and some Communication Studies. Some of Joni's accomplishments: she was the editor for the ATEG Newsletter, Street Team Leader for Crystal Shawanda, Coordinator of Provincial Recreational/Healthy Living Initiative with Lifestyle Information Network, Developed & Created Healthy Relationships Curriculum for Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto and dedicating her time as Board of Director for Anishnawbe Health Toronto (3 terms). Currently, Joni has returned back to becoming a fulltime student at York U and is completing her 9 year commitment serving as Board member of Anishnawbe Health Toronto. She is excited to be working with Isadore and his OA Initiative as he's been one of her biggest motivators throughout her professional/academic experiences. Although Joni is not a fluent speaker, she is a dedicated unpaid volunteer with alot of strong skills that is helping OA become successful (like maintaining this blog, videos, facebook etc....). We are glad she is taking this opportunity to learn language at the same time. You may have seen Joni at various powwows either singing or being a vendor. She enjoys making crafts and singing and spending time with her sweet Dene buzgim ;)


We hope you find this video helpful to help direct you into login into class!

Monday 14 September 2015

Wednesday 9 September 2015

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Tuesday 8 September 2015


Whether you like learning independently or as a group, OA is the place for you on your journey of learning the basics of Ojibwe Language. One of Isadore's strongest messages is "Its not about the dialect". This class is not intended to say who has the right or wrong way of teaching, what really matters is that we understand what we are trying to say and being able to communicate among each other. One communities dialect maybe different, slower or faster then the next but that does not mean the words mean any different. The message is still the same! That is like saying "Hello" or "Yo". Both words means hello just in different contexts that we both understand....

OA encourages everyone to learn together, here's how!:
  • Sit with your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Gather with your children
  • Ask your parents to join you
  • Have your grandparents, aunts or uncles join you
  • Throw the class on your Big Screen TV and learn together at home
  • Great idea of Children or Youth Evening Program Activities
  • Parenting Classes can incorporate Ojibwe Classes in your program
  • Coffee Houses 
  • Ambient Sound while you are cleaning......
Come, Be Creative & Learn Anishinaabemowin With US!